Category: Technique

  • Appreciating re-masters

    I was listening to a Pet Shop Boys track (You only tell me you love me when you’re drunk) on my Amazon Echo the other day. Alexa prefaced the track by informing me that it was the 2003 remaster. I thought this highly odd as it was only released in 1999. What possible reason could […]

  • Basingstoke TV

    James is currently up to his neck in a rather unusual project, writing a complete set of themes for a brand new TV channel! Basingstoke TV will feature arts, current affairs, news and community programming and is due to launch late March 2017 on Freeview channel 7. Currently he is mixing and remixing final cuts […]

  • Drum tuning

    In these days of loops, samples, virtual instruments and remote recording we’ve lost some of those skills that made quality recording a real talent. One such skill is drum tuning. This important detail is often overlooked but can mean the difference between a hook that really pumps and one that doesn’t quite sit right. Some […]