So finally after two years of blood, sweat, tears and money, the second room at the studio is finished meaning we have proper twin room isolation and two very nice sounding spaces. In it’s default setup the new room (The Garage) will be used as control with the larger of the two (The Stable) being the live room. They are however perfectly usable as separate rooms if we need to run sessions simultaneously i.e. overdubs, voice-over, mix sessions etc.

The Stable
The Garage

What’s most encouraging is the way they sound. Part by design and part happy accident, The Stable provides a very flexible space which can be tailored to suit the project by using removable acoustic panels to adjust the characteristics of the room. The Garage offers a wonderful mix environment and is very intimate but i’ve also had some fantastic results tracking in this room as well.

To find out more or arrange a time to come and take a look please feel free to get in touch:

PS Barca is Italian for boat. We liked the idea of watery themes as the studio shares it’s environment with a trout farm and, if you lie on your back and look at the ceiling in the The Stable, it kinda looks like the ribs of a boat!

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