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James started his career at the back end of the 90s, and was first employed as an assistant engineer at the legendary Orinoco Studios whilst at the same time trying to complete his degree in composition and music technology at Kingston! Upon graduating he took over the running of Berwick Street Studio as in-house engineer and started to take on more production responsibility. During this time he was privileged to work with some truly remarkable musicians and writers including Richard Harvey, Laurence Cottle, Jim Mullen and Graham Preskett. Much of the output from Berwick Street at that time were Film and TV projects for EMI and as such covered a huge range of genres including jazz and dance music as well as film scores and orchestrations. A love for the tradition of songwriting led James away from EMI and toward a writing deal with Sony. He also began developing artists for BMGs roster of talent, acting as producer and co-writer. James continues to develop new singer/songwriters and loves nothing more than being able to help nurture talent. His aim is to bring high-level production values and experience to new writers irrespective of budget or situation.

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Music Production

James is a talented music producer who can take your record from bare bones through to polished product. He has a deep knowledge of music and how it works and a fantastic ear for styles and flavours. Over the years he has produced records across a wide range of genres. See the gallery below for some of the artists and writers James has helped over the years...


A good, solid engineer is essential in the studio. James has over 15 years experience in recording and mix engineering, having worked in many of the biggest studios in the UK. He has experience of older analogue units and desks as well as modern digital work systems and how each can be employed creatively. He also has access to some of the industry's most well known engineers for when the project needs extra polish.


James is also an accomplished musician having played in many bands and productions over the years. He is an adept guitarist as well as playing keys, drums and percussion and brass. As a writer and arranger he has lent his name to many albums and live productions.



To book James as producer or engineer for your project or to discuss collaborating please contact Jamp Productions using the contact form below.

Alternatively you can call or email directly +44 (0)1256 958012 james@jamespryce.com